What is the product made of?

The formula's ingredients are proprietary. The EPA has rated our carrier ingredient GRAS (Generally Recogn ized as Safe). The MicroSeal protectant (active ingredient) is non-toxic, non-allergenic, biodegradable and Cal ifornia VOC compliant when wet, zero VOC's when dry.

I've heard silicon "attracts" soil?
This is true of poorly formulated and low grade silicon based products. MicroSeal has been proven in the Aerospace Industry, by worldwide certified laboratory testing and by many high profile user's to prevent soiling. Among other certifications MicroSeal is WoolSafe Certified.
Is silicon safe?

Silicon is the second most common element in the earth's crust (oxygen is the first, See silicon - Wikipedia ), which is about as "earth friendly" as a product can get! Silicon also happens to be a vital nutrition for joints, bones and skin . Silicon is found in many natural foods. Depending on the manufacturing processes, there are many vital uses for silicon in electronics, construction, automotive, toy products. Unlike "fluorochemical" or " PTFE Resin " , an internet search for "silicon" won't come up with anything negative . Our factory uses specia lly formulated high grade silicon. MicroSeal does not cause yellowing or stickiness like some poorly formulated silicon based products in the industry. MicroSeal is proven to be superior in performance and environmentally safer than fluorochemical based products.

Why is your product better?
In addition to being Aerospace and Independent Laboratory Tested and proven, MicroSeal is a penetrator, not a coater. Coaters are hard and fracture easily (upon manipulation or cleaning) becoming dirt traps that makes the fabric more difficult to clean than if the carpet had no protection at all! MicroSeal penetrates the individual fiber die sites or natural pores forming a "flexible" barrier that does not break up easily.