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"In our automobile interior applications, suede fabrics sun fade quickly without MicroSeal. We put swatches of a treated and untreated fabrics on our store windows and saw a big difference. Before we had MicroSeal, customers brought their cars back to us. After MicroSeal, we had no returns. Consequently, we wouldn't sell an installation without MicroSeal." - Moe Pilgrim, Former Owner of Superior Auto Trim in Bellevue, WA.

"Shortly after having my pride and joy (a Mercedes C-320) protected, the following occurred: My dog bled all over it (her first heat cycle)... and I spilled my coffee. Both accidents cleaned up easily!"
 - Jay, Fabricator at Car Nutz in Bellevue, WA

March 22, 2011

"I had just purchased a new Ford Flex for personal and business usage.  The dealership tried to sell me their treatment, but being that it wasn’t a permanent fix for spills, AND that it was  slightly toxic, I did not purchase it. 
I did, however, want my car protected inside, as I have young twin boys, and I knew just who to go to—T.J. at MicroSeal of Los Angeles. 
 I called T.J. to see how soon I could get the treatment done, and he told me that it could be done right away, and that HE would be the one treating my car.  I loved that. He explained that it was non-toxic, and that it would permanently seal the fabric in my car as well as provide UV sun fade protection.    Wow!  Within the week that the treatment was applied, I was driving my children to school.  They were cranky and started fighting with each other.  I overheard one say to the other that he was going to spill juice on his brother if he didn’t stop calling him names.  Before I could tell them not to do that, the juice was thrown and my son was soaked.  The one that had thrown it piped up that I shouldn’t be mad because the seats were protected. When I went to clean the car, I was surprised to see that the juice was sitting on the seats in droplets, much like mercury would in my hands in the old days.  I blotted the juice drops with a towel, and it came right up.  It was so easy. I wish I could say the same about my poor son who was stained in orange juice all day. My experience with the MicroSeal product has been nothing but positive, and I highly recommend MicroSeal's services to anyone who wants to keep their car interior looking new, or who wants to protect their home from the neverending antics of children."
 Thank you, 
Chef Dawn 
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