Drapery cleaning can be a daunting task, you need to go through inconvenient task of having them removed and get professionally cleaned and when you get them back the color just doesn’t seem to be the same or as vibrant. Not to mention that over time the colors will fade from constant bombardment of UV ray from direct sunlight.

MicroSeal is the only fabric protector for your curtains that will provide it with permanent near 100% sun fade resistance as well as with permanent stain resistance especially against oil based stains that are as a result form oil deposited on the curtains from fingers due to daily usage.

When you chose Microseal for drapery stain protection you are getting the best fabric stain and sun fade resistance that will save you money on drapery cleaning over the lifetime of the drapes.

  • Flame/Smoke Spread Reduction – Approximately 13% & 25%
  • Static and Mildew Resistance
  • Permanent Sun Fade Resistance - Near 100% on many fabric
  • Permanent Stain Resistance - Will survive many professional cleanings
  • Nanotechnology - won't change texture or color
  • Seals All Fabrics - Wools, cottons, silk, synthetics, suedes and smooth leather